Meet the Founder


Alvin Chitena is a prospective Computer Science major in the Wesleyan University Class of 2019. He hails from Bulawayo in Zimbabwe. When he arrived at Wesleyan, he didn’t have any programming knowledge, despite his deep passion for Computer Science. When he enrolled into an Introduction to Programming, he immediately developed a love for programming, one that ultimately led him to pursue a Computer Science major.

Completely amazed by how much he had learnt in just one semester, Alvin then thought of the barriers that stood in his way when he was in high school. Where he grew up, rigorous Computer Science courses were only available in a few select private high schools and almost non-existent in public school. Having learnt at public schools his entire life, Alvin could not access the resources and information he needed to learn how to write code, much to his disappointment. On the 25th of January, he founded Zim Code with the sole intention of eliminating the barriers that he faced and helping underprivileged youths rise above their socio-economic challenges.

Alvin’s project drew lots of attention from campus entrepreneurs at Wesleyan. As a result, Zim Code was chosen as the winner of the 2016 Wesleyan University Davis Projects for Peace Summer grant. With this grant and the help of his friends from Bulawayo, Alvin will implement the Beta Project of Zim Code in the summer of 2016.

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